Acclaimed Movers & Storage = SCAM

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I’ve written this review on Yelp as well, but I want to make sure that even non-Yelp users who perform a minimum amount of due diligence have an opportunity to save themselves from the abysmal atrocities that will occur as a result of doing business with Acclaimed Movers & Storage.

AM&S is unfortunately, the epitome of unprofessional, the embodiment of deception, and the defacto example of what you want to avoid when asking a moving company to handle your personal belongings. You can NOT trust AM&S to treat your possessions with the care, security, and trust that they should be. They will over-promise and under-deliver, and not feel bad in the least when you are inconvenienced by their mediocrity.

Even after asking if AM&S could deliver within a specified window and receiving assurance that such a delivery was feasible, AM&S reneged on this commitment and scheduled delivery for the following week, thus disrupting a new job-start date, travel plans, and forcing extra costs to be incurred (temporary kitchen utensil and furniture arrangements, eating out, etc).

Itemization of (some) Failures by AM&S:
–Failure to Notify of impending Delay
–Failure to return any subsequent phone call within timeframe specified by AM&S, or return phone call at all
–Failure to Meet Agreed upon deadline
–Failure to offer any kind of consolation, consideration, or compensation to customer
–Failure to speak to a ‘person’ and instead resorted to ‘contract speak’ and quoting business policy in order to explain AM&S’s behavior and business conduct.
–Failure to meet delivery date by more than five (5) days
You may be tempted to save money by using this service, but the peace of mind (and potential loss of your belongings) that you will lose as a result of dealing with the incompetence of this company is NOT worth that dollar savings.

Do yourself a favor and consider a moving company that has demonstrated and earned its opportunity to do business with you, and one that is more deserving of your trust.

Oh, and I see their PR-damage-control rep, "Eugina C." is berating and attacking former customers on Yelp as well. If you are still thinking about using this service, just go to Yelp and see how they respond to 1-star reviews, and ask yourself if that is how you want to be treated.

Also, Google Reviews seems to be planted with a lot of fake reviews for this service – all the people who reviewed the service gave it 5 stars and it was the only review that each of the individuals had ever written (and all within a 3 months period of today)!

To wrap up, don’t trust the Better Business Bureau’s review of their service. It is shady that the BBB could accredit this service, but a crowd-sourced review system like Yelp could tell a completely different story.

Website: http://acclaimed

Google Reviews:,+van+nuys,+ca&hl=en&view=feature&mcsrc=google_reviews&num=10&start=10&ie=UTF8&ll=34.215611,-118.479654&spn=0.000071,0.000086&t=m&z=14&vpsrc=0

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